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10 Top Tips For Upgrading Your Garden This Summer
  • 07 July, 2021

10 Top Tips For Upgrading Your Garden This Summer

The low temperatures and miserable weather that we’re subjected to for half of the year in this country make it unlikely that we would want to spend any more time outside than necessary - and that includes in our gardens. What was once a sanctuary of relaxation and a setting for BBQs, waterfights, and entertaining family and friends, becomes a bleak, neglected wasteland during the winter months.

 Sometimes, chucking a cover over the patio furniture and sticking the BBQ in the shed following a huge debate on whether or not to just throw it out and get a new one next year,  is about all we can manage before we scurry inside and stick the heating on. 

By the time summer finally comes around again, our gardens probably aren’t in the best shape - so how about breathing some new life into the old place? Much like redecorating your home, instead of just sprucing up your garden’s existing features, why not change things up a bit?.....

A New Patio

If your instant thought is that laying a few slabs doesn’t sound very rejuvenating or exciting, bear with me a second. A new patio can transform the whole look of your garden, and whatever the size, shape or style of garden you’re working with, you’ll be able to install one that fits in with your particular aesthetic.

As well as providing an area for seating, barbequing and entertaining, a patio can give you a place to display flower pots, a bird table or a water feature. 

When it comes to making your patio area unique, the possibilities are endless; concrete or sandstone paving...different sizes and shapes of slab...coloured tiles...mosaic...the choice is yours.

A Water Feature

We’ve looked at the huge variety of water features available in a previous article, but I’ll briefly repeat here that there really is a water feature out there to suit every space, style, and budget; and it’s a popular way to transform a garden. 

A modern-style garden looks great with a water wall or sculpture fountain, whereas an outdoor space that is a little more vintage in style would suit something such as a water pump-style fountain or an ornamental pond. A water feature is also sure to attract more wildlife to your garden; birds, insects and frogs to name a few.

Light It Up

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to transform an outdoor space is with strategically placed lighting. Fairy lights or festoon lights can be strung up pretty much anywhere - along the edge of fences or around trellises, or even placed in bushes, shrubs and trees. Battery-powered lanterns and LED lights are other great options for brightening up the garden, and you’ll find a huge range of choice in most garden centres, online, and in some budget highstreet shops. 

Choose solar-powered lighting where possible to save money on electric as well as being a friend to the environment!

Create A Pathway

If you have quite a large garden, a path is a great way to break your garden into sections, which can make managing it easier. Perhaps a pathway leading from your vegetable garden to a seating area for example, or a path from the decking up to the summer house or jacuzzi. 

When creating a path you have just as many options as you do with a patio. Coloured stepping stones, wooden discs of tree trunk, or just some basic slabs; whatever you decide fits in best with your garden, a path might take a lot less effort than you expect and is something you could probably lay yourself without too much trouble. 

A Green Wall

Also known as a ‘vertical garden’, a green wall is a great space-saving idea if your outdoor space is limited. A green wall is a way of growing fruit, veg and plants through sand, liquid or gravel instead of soil - called hydroponic farming - through an inbuilt system.

Of course you could interpret ‘green wall’ differently (and more cheaply) by installing shelves across an outdoor wall space and filling them with potted plants. Whichever option you choose, a vertical garden will transform and maximise the space in your garden. 

Build A Pizza Oven

Definitely one of the hottest garden trends of 2020, but set to continue, a homemade wood-fired pizza oven is definitely a good way to transform your garden into an outdoor dining space. 

You could buy one of course, but building one is actually a lot cheaper and easier than you might think - you literally need bricks, builder’s sand, cement - and a bit of time and patience. The great thing about a homemade oven is that it also doubles as an outdoor heater on cool summer evenings, extending the use of your garden later into the year. 

Paint Your Fences

Obvious perhaps, and not very exciting, but you’ll be surprised at how painting your fences will instantly give your garden a fresh new look. You can opt for a wood stain for a more natural look, or you might want a solid colour such as white or grey. 

While you’re at it, you might as well take a look around at what else out there could do with a lick of paint:  tired-looking wooden planters or patio furniture for example can be made to look brand new, and by matching them to your fences your garden can have a more uniform look. 

Create And Outdoor Seating Area

Chances are you already have a table and some chairs on the patio or decking, but how about creating an area that lends itself to real outdoor relaxation and entertaining. Create a comfy seating area in a corner of the garden with built-in sofa-style seating with weather-proof cushions. 

Why not incorporate an awning and lighting into your design, and even storage within the seating so that there is a place to keep extra cushions and throws for cooler evenings. 

Install A Garden Building

I’m not just talking about a shed - I’m talking about a purpose-built garden room or summer house to be the focal point of your garden. 

Although this works better in a larger garden, if you have the space for an extra room you could create a small space as an office, or a place to do yoga or meditate, whereas if you have more space, larger garden rooms can be utilised as a gym, a dining room, or a movie room - there’s even been a recent trend for mini pubs at the bottom of the garden, all kitted out with stools, a bar and optics, and even a dart board!

An At-Home Putting Green

What better way to improve your existing short game, or start your golfing journey than to have an artificial putting green installed in your garden. Suitable for any size or shape garden, an artificial putting green can be as simple or as intricate in design as you like, and is a lot more cost effective than you might think!

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