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7 Myths About Artificial Lawns: Busted!
  • 16 June, 2021

7 Myths About Artificial Lawns: Busted!

In recent years artificial lawns have become synonymous with modern living. From busy, working professionals who don’t have the time to tend to the real thing, to parents who want a clean, safe surface for the kids to be able to play on whatever the weather, an artificial lawn is a low-maintenance way to enjoy your garden all year round, for minimum effort and minimum cost.

What’s not to love?!

Well, of course, artificial grass isn’t for everyone, and at Look Real Lawns we believe that everyone’s garden should reflect their own personal taste and style - just like inside the home!

Having said that, if you’ve been putting off getting artificial turf because you’ve heard rumours that it contains toxins, is bad for the environment, or is simply too expensive; we’re here to dispel a few of those myths and give you the real lowdown on artificial lawns. 

1. Artificial Grass Doesn’t Look Real

One upon a time this was actually true. But thankfully times have changed, and so has technology. 

So, if you instantly think of that weird, bright green stuff that greengrocer’s used to put their fruit displays on back in the day - think again. With the advances that have been made in the texture and colour of artificial grass, it can actually be pretty difficult to tell the difference between a real lawn and an artificial one. 

The most natural-looking artificial turf incorporates multiple shades of green, and even brown fibres to more closely mimic the colour of real grass. 

And it’s not just the more natural colouring that makes good-quality artificial turf as realistic as possible. The different types of plastics used to create the synthetic fibres of modern-day artificial lawns feel softer and more natural to the touch, and new technology in the materials used prevent glare from the artificial fibres, ensuring that your ‘grass’ always looks natural. 

2. Is artificial grass good for dogs?

We’re a nation of animal lovers and pet owners, so it’s only natural that when we consider something like making changes to the garden that we think of our dogs! 

Despite many people’s concerns about artificial lawns and dogs not being a good mix, nothing could be further from the truth, in fact, a huge percentage of our customers are dog owners - and it’s often the reason why they’ve chosen an artificial lawn!

Dogs will play just as happily on artificial grass as they will on the real thing - with the added benefit that not only is it a surface that is free from fertilisers and pesticides, but also that you  won’t be cleaning muddy paws when your dog comes back indoors - or repairing holes in the lawn!

Another added bonus that makes artificial turf a big hit with pet owners is that urine and feces can be easily cleaned and washed away without leaving stains, odours or damaging the grass. 

3. Does Artificial Grass Get Too Hot In The Summer

This myth is an understandable concern, and one that rears its ugly head every summer when everyone starts sharing that picture of temperature readings on fake grass vs real grass all over their social media.

Years ago this myth was a reality, and with some low-quality artificial turf it’s still true now. 

However, new technology ensures that heat from the sun is reflected and dissipated into the atmosphere, and this is incorporated in a lot of artificial grasses these days. 

Another way to prevent artificial grass from becoming too hot is to install a sand infill - which is recommended anyway as a way to weigh the grass down and protect the fibres. 

4.Artificial Grass Is So Expensive!

Of course there’s a certain amount of expense when it comes to installing an artificial lawn - but there’s always going to be costs to incur with any type of garden improvement - and you’ll be surprised at how an artificial lawn pays for itself in the long run, in both time and money. 

If you’ve ever tried to maintain a real lawn, you’ll appreciate how much time and effort it takes; watering, mowing, laying seed if there’s bald patches, fertilisers, pesticides, keeping the kids and dog off it while it recovers….and then, if you’re lucky, it’ll look good for a few weeks out of the year.

Wouldn’t you much rather spend that time enjoying the garden rather than working in it? 

Then an artificial lawn is the way to go! 

5.Artificial Grass Is All The Same

We’re not too sure where this myth comes from, but it’s a common one - even though it should be obvious that different types of artificial lawn are suitable for different purposes. 

We’ve already mentioned that the fibres in artificial turf come in a variety shades for a more natural look, as well as coming in various degrees of ‘softness’, and these are things to consider when thinking about where your artificial lawn is going to be. 

For example, a small space like a balcony would only require a short pile, and you might be less concerned about how natural it looks. In the back garden, a longer pile would be better, and you’d probably want something softer and more natural-looking as it’s over a larger space.

6. Artificial Lawns Are No Good For The Kids To Play On

We’re not sure where this idea has come from, but it seems to be a common opinion on online forums and such. 


The huge benefit of artificial grass is that the kids can play on it all year round without getting muddy! Even in the autumn or winter, the children won’t have to stay indoors because the grass is too boggy. 

There’s also the bonus that the kids can play football or other ball games without causing bald spots on the grass, and it even provides a soft play area for the youngest children. 

7.Artificial Lawns Have Poor Drainage

The backing of artificial grass features lots of small, evenly-spaced holes that allow water to drain through. With around 50 litres of water draining per minute, per square meter, an artificial lawn can cope with even the heaviest of rain. 

When your lawn is professionally installed by a company such as Look Real Lawns, it will be laid over a base that allows for maximum drainage.

It’s easy to see how some of these myths have spread, but a lot of the worries that you might have had about artificial grass can be addressed by simply choosing a good quality artificial lawn laid by professionals using the correct installation methods. 

That way, you’ll be enjoying a low-maintenance, pristine, natural-looking lawn in no time - and for less than you might think!

If you want to find out more about whether an artificial lawn is the best option for you and your family, why not give Look Real Lawns a call? Our expert team is on hand to give free, no-obligation quotes and advice on 07748 350 530