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For around 5 months of the year, the garden was a no go area...
  • 03 February, 2020

For around 5 months of the year, the garden was a no go area...

For around 5 months of the year the garden was a no go area for the kids as it was simply too wet due to clay. In the summer time it then dried out and we had to water it so the grass didn't die (ironic I know!). Despite having it re-turfed 3 years ago, daily wear with two kids + a dog + the rain took its toll and we contacted Look Real Lawns to help us.


Andrew did a great job. He kept us informed through out the whole process, i.e. what time he was turning up, when materials where being delivered etc. He kept the site tidy during works, washing down as he went along, which is always a good sign in my opinion of a contractor who cares.

The lawn looks great and we have no hesitation in recommending Andrew and Look Real Lawns. He's transformed our mud pit of a garden into something that is not only usable all year round but looks great as well.


For what its worth, I ran my own landscaping business for 5 years back in 2005 and have experience of what to expect from contractors having used them then. Andrew was up there with the best of them.