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Home Golf Tips During for Lockdown
  • 29 December, 2020

Home Golf Tips During for Lockdown

Keeping in the Swing of It

You’d be hard-pressed to find a golfer who wouldn’t love to have their own putting green at home, after all, practice is the key to mastering any skill and your short game is crucial to lowering your score! But this luxury has long been considered only an option for the uber-rich, or those with acres of garden to spare. Today, however, artificial putting greens are available for even small spaces - and are more affordable than you might think. 

During the pandemic, golf has taken a hit along with other leisure activities (although blessedly less than some other sporting activities), but for those who have been shielding, or are unable to travel to the nearest course, an at-home putting green could be the ideal solution to keep you in the swing of things.

Look Real Lawns specialises in creating small but usable putting greens for our clients to enjoy at home and to your specifications; need it to be low maintenance and child friendly? Ok! Fancy adding a chipping area or a bunker? Not a problem!

Of course, a beautifully crafted and professionally installed putting green from Look Real Lawns isn’t the only way to keep your golf game in tip-top shape during these challenging times we find ourselves in…..


Staying fit and active in order to maintain muscle strength and memory is essential now that we’re unable to get out on the course whenever we feel like it! The core is often a weak point for golfers, and that’s the part you need the most. Without strong muscles in the stomach, hips, back and glutes your golf swing will suffer. Planks, squats and lunges, and side step-ups are all exercises that will help you to make a powerful and technically sound golf swing. Working on these muscles every day will mean that once you can get back on that course, you can do so with confidence. 


They say that practice makes perfect, and even if you’re stuck at home and the weather isn’t good enough to get out on your putting green, you can still get some practice drills in to keep your skills fresh and quench some of that golf-lust! 

Depending on your skill level, set up a target 5-15 feet away and use a target slightly smaller than a golf hole (a drinks bottle works well) and use a putting aid or a club to show your swing path. Once you’ve set that up it’s simply a case of putting towards your target. Hit putts in batches of 20 and keep track of your best score; once you’ve reached 20 out of 20 you can move the target further away and repeat. 

You can also practice your short game and work on your stroke by placing a plate upside down and trying to putt your ball onto the flat underside. Or you could practice your chipping by placing 5 golf balls 15 ft away from the wall and then try to finish your shot at half the distance. The next chip has to get past the first ball, but not get to the wall. Sounds easy? Try completing it with 5 balls and then decide!

Back To Basics

And while we’re at it - don’t forget the basics! All too often, with all the putting practice etc, the fundamentals of golf get forgotten, but keeping your posture and grip tidy means you’ll be less likely to fall into bad swing habits. If you practice these basics at home it will ensure that you keep seeing progress in your game.

Use a mirror, or set up your smartphone to photograph or record you as you set up with what feels like a natural posture and grip. You can then take a look and make any necessary corrections. Practice your grip and posture over and over again until it becomes second nature to you and is one less thing you have to worry about on the golf course.   

All The Gear….

Less exciting, but a necessary evil is maintaining your golf equipment, so it’s worth taking some time (while we have so much of it on our hands) to ensure that everything is in tip-top condition. Make sure the groves of your clubs and your shafts are clean and that you inspect your grips. You can also take the time to mark your balls (insert childish joke here).

Work Your Mind

Before you think I’m about to feed you a load of new-age hooey, bear with me - mindset is important - particularly in a game like golf, and how you think definitely affects your performance on the course. 

Take some time visualising yourself performing a golf skill such as chipping, putting or driving. You can do this from your armchair or while laying in bed and it will still improve your performance! Now, before you roll your eyes and click off this blog, it’s important to know that there is scientific evidence to support the idea that practice plus imagery interventions improve performance more than practice alone. 

Just 10 minutes a day visualising yourself basically being awesome at golf and hitting great shots, chips and putts over and over again will see your real-life game improve along with your confidence. 

Definitely worth a try, right?

So, everything’s clean and ready to go….you’ve limbered up with some planks, put some holes in the living room wall while you were chipping, visualised playing like Tiger Woods, and given your balls a quick once over…

What else could you do to improve your golf game?

Funny you should ask….

Install An At Home Putting Green

Other than the convenience of not having to nip to the driving range when you fancy having a practice, what are the other advantages of having a putting green at home? - Just in case you’re still trying to convince yourself (or someone else!)

Well, first of all, our putting greens create the most realistic playing conditions possible, absorbing the energy of the ball and allowing natural ball roll which mimics natural play. We create the perfect playing surface so that you can improve your short game and build additional skills. We only use high quality and durable materials along with all of our expertise to create a quality artificial putting green that will last you for years to come, making it an economical choice as well as a practical one. 

But that’s not all..

With Look Real Lawns you can choose your style of putting green - from the shade of green to the size, and it’s a low maintenance option compared to real grass; you won’t have to worry about over or under watering and the ‘grass’ won’t grow any higher than the day it was installed! Plus, you won’t have to worry about any chemicals with an artificial putting green. With real grass putting greens, insect infestation and infections can be rife, meaning you have to use insecticides and fungicides - which can be harmful to children or pets. 

Another nice plus point is the fact that a clean and debris-free artificial lawn or putting green can actually add value to your property and can be used as a feature to increase the asking price if you were to decide to move house (although don’t forget to give us a call to install another one at your new home!)

Of course the biggest benefit is the improvements you can make to your golf game without having to leave the house. It’s also a nice way to introduce children to golf, or maybe other family members and friends who want to give it a go (once we can all get back to normal and hang out with each other again of course.) It will be a real talking point, and can even form the basis for summer games in the garden. Look Real Lawns installs artificial lawns as well as putting greens that come with all the same advantages; low maintenance, chemical-free, durable and practical. Whether you’re a golfer or not, an artificial lawn is ideal for families with children and pets, and we have many natural-looking options available. 

We have installed our artificial putting greens and lawns across Kent, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Maidstone, Brasted, Surrey, and beyond.

If we’ve convinced you that you need a putting green (face it, you already knew you did), then contact us for a quote and take advantage of the special offers we have available throughout the winter months. 




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