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While The Top Golf Courses Across Kent And Surrey Are Closed,  Who You Gonna Call?
  • 07 July, 2021

While The Top Golf Courses Across Kent And Surrey Are Closed, Who You Gonna Call?





Kent ; the ‘Garden of England’, a phrase first coined by Henry VIII (clearly a man better with words than with wives), and the oldest county in the country. Home to 17000 listed buildings, and famous for its oast houses, acres of countryside - and, its golf courses. The county of Surrey, which borders Kent to the east, is just as green and pleasant, and also home to a number of excellent golf courses; from the esteemed and luxurious St’ George’s Hill Golf Club and the illustrious Queenwood, to  the much-lauded Surbiton Golf Club and the traditional, family-friendly West Byfleet; Kent and Surrey is home to some of the best courses around. 


To say that you’re spoiled for choice in this country when it comes to which course to choose is as much of an understatement as saying that Tiger Woods is a ‘bit good’ at golf (although, again, like our pal Henry Vlll, not so good with the whole marriage thing), and some courses are just as much a part of the fabric of Kent and Surrey as the fields and forests. Swinley Forest Golf Club, for example, has been challenging golfers for over 100 years with its undulating greens, whilst the younger and more modern Pyrford Golf Club (established in 1993), offers all the benefits of modern construction, including a fully automated irrigation system for a naturally free-draining canvas. 


Whether you’re a bit of a fair-weather golfer, or someone who would happily play through a tsunami, I think it’s fair to say that we’re all missing the game this year thanks to covid - and it’s not just the camaraderie and the drinks at the 19th hole I’m talking about! It’s scary how quickly your game can suffer when you can’t get out on the course - but we have a solution that could help keep your skills sharp until you can get back out there!


We’re talking about an artificial putting green, that you can have quickly and professionally installed in your garden in order to practice your short game at home. Sure, at the moment you’ll still miss out on the invigorating walk - but, believe it or not, you could still enjoy realistic play in your own back garden. Thanks to advances in artificial turf technology, our at-home putting greens react in much the same way as a natural putting green in terms of playability. In fact, because artificial putting greens now have the same rollout and ball-holding ability as on the real thing, more and more pro golfers are using synthetic putting greens to practice their short game themselves. 


If you’re about to click off of this article because you have a garden the size of a postage stamp, 8 kids and a Great Dane - don’t! We specialise in designing and installing at-home putting greens of all shapes and sizes, from the smallest one-hole green, to larger and more elaborate designs that can include bunkers, tiers, undulations, and more contours than a Kardashian. 


And the kids and the dog? 


Well, the beauty of an artificial putting green is that it won’t need to be treated with any chemicals or fertilisers that could be dangerous to children or pets, and there’s no mud to be churned up by little feet or paws! Not only that, but the maintenance is super-low - simply brush off or hose down (if the Great Dane decides your artificial putting green would make the perfect toilet), and you’re good to go again - no mowing, no risk of infestation or infections, and no need to worry about over or under watering. 


What could be better?


If it’s more about how much there is in the bank rather than how much space there is in the garden, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that an at-home artificial putting green isn’t necessarily out of reach financially. Of course, the size and shape of your garden and the complexity of your design will factor into the overall cost, but as a rule you’re looking at approximately £85.00 per m2 - which when you consider what you’re saving at the moment by not being able to play on an actual course, plus what you used to find yourself spending weekly (or daily!) in the pro shop and in the club house (don’t golf courses always seem to dish up the best paninis?!) I think it can be considered money well-spent. And not only that, but it’s an investment in your future game - and possibly the future game of other members of the family as well! 


Most courses around Kent and Sussex welcome families and pride themselves on their friendly and inclusive atmosphere. Chobham Golf Course claims to be one of Surrey’s ‘friendliest golf clubs’, and The Leatherhead Club  promises a world class venue and a warm welcome for golfers of all abilities - but with an at-home artificial putting green you don’t have to miss out on the all-inclusive element of a golf club. There’s nothing stopping you from holding your own little family events, such as putting comps, to get everyone off their phones and ipads for five minutes and joining in! Plus, you know those 8 kids I invented for you earlier (you’re welcome!) - one of them could be a budding McIlroy or Hull - and your at-home putting green could be the perfect place to discover and nurture their young talent, before letting them loose on a proper course. 


Our artificial putting greens can last up to 12 years and beyond with a good cleaning and maintenance schedule, which gives you plenty of time to improve your game and maybe even try all of the wonderful courses across Kent and Surrey - from Addlestone to Walton On Thames and everything in between. 


An artificial at-home putting green is ideal to keep you in the swing of things while the courses are closed, and the perfect accompaniment to your golf membership when they’re not. If you want to speak to a member of our highly qualified and professional team for an artificial putting green quote, you can contact us here or call us directly on 07748 350 530