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The Hayes Project

The ancient town of Hayes, tucked away in a quiet corner of Bromley far from the hustle and bustle of the nearby city, is the perfect blend of old and new. Featuring modern boutiques and trendy cafes alongside a 13th Century church and Grade II listed Old Rectory, it’s this fusion of old and new that attracts such a variety of people, from retired couples, to young families, and everyone in between.  Residents here enjoy a relaxed way of life and strong community spirit, as well as beautiful surroundings, good transport links, and a flourishing property market.

It’s no wonder then that our clients chose to put down roots here; a young couple  with 3 sons all under the age of 7. As much as they had fallen in love with the town, they felt that their immediate environment could do with some work. I’m talking, of course, about our specialist subject: the garden. 

The garden was spacious and well-established, but very tired-looking, with lots of large, deep-rooted bushes that needed to be removed, along with a full garden clearance in order to make the area child-friendly. Trips and falls are among the most common garden accidents, and with uneven ground and thick bushes posing their own hazards of cuts and scratches - it all had to go in order to provide a safe family environment for everyone to enjoy. 

At Lookreal Lawns we pride ourselves on designing a garden to our customers’ exact specifications - and this project, which required a complete reconstruction, was no exception! With all debris and anything that would pose a threat to the couple’s young boys removed, and the ground levelled, it was time to to start building up some levels in the garden as requested by our clients - and around 25 tons of aggregate, a lot of sweat, and several cups of tea later, the garden was starting to take shape. 

Our clients had decided on artificial turf - a great choice, and so 200m2 of top quality, natural-looking artificial lawn was laid by our experts. We use only the very best artificial lawn, that feels as real underfoot as it looks, and benefits from being low-maintenance as well as both child and pet friendly. This means that come the summer our family can get straight out there and start enjoying their garden right away - no mowing, no pulling weeds - just pull out the sun loungers, crack open the BBQ - and relax! And even better, their garden will look good all year round. 

Speaking of relaxation, our family from Hayes had decided that one feature they simply HAD to have as part of their new garden design was an at-home, outdoor, artificial putting green - and who can blame them!

We have over 25 years experience in the golf and landscaping industry  - so they really couldn’t have put this project in safer hands! We installed a 20m2 putting green that offers the most realistic playing conditions possible, absorbing the energy of the ball and mimicking natural play. Now the family can practice their short game at home, without having to worry about watering, infestations, applying chemicals….or any of the other things that would be a concern with a real grass putting green. 

Our expert team completed this total garden transformation - including clearance - within an impressive one week time-frame, and all with minimum disruption to our clients, leaving nothing but a beautifully installed, natural looking lawn and putting green, that they can enjoy all year round. 






Hayes, Bromley