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Artificial Lawns

"Artificial Lawns as good as the real thing" - Dave Wood, Sevenoaks

Artificial lawn installations take a specialist eye and the right artificial grass. Look Real Lawns has one of the best artificial grass products on the market, we can simulate the look, feel, and performance of natural grass in virtually any home or business environment and under the most extreme soil and weather conditions.

Most of us strive for the perfect lawn, that beautiful lush green carpet that we spend hours cutting, feeding, watering and removing all those unsightly weeds. Of course, if you have children, pets, live in an area where there is poor soil (Sevenoaks you are such an area!) and lots of trees this is not easy.

Artificial lawns are the answer, more and more people are enjoying the benefits of this product whether it's just for a play area for the children or a complete lawn. It’s low maintenance so in these times of water shortages it is the obvious choice.

We have put together answers to the 5 most frequently asked questions when it comes to /artificial lawns, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

Artificial Lawns FAQ

1. What is the best artificial grass for a new lawn?

The best artificial grass for lawns is one that feels soft but still has the ability to bounce back after walking on it, colour is also an important factor as anything to green always looks fake so it’s good to choose a grass with different shades of green and brown fibres.

2. What are the disadvantages of artificial lawns?

Disadvantages of artificial grass are that it can get quite warm in summer months and if urine from pets is not regularly washed it can produce an odor.

3. How long does an artificial lawn last?

With regular brushing and removing debris, an artificial lawn will last well over the 10-12 year life expectancy. Look real lawns offer a maintenance service so please call us for advice. Artificial lawns are an excellent addition to your garden as no cutting, no mud, and no weeds, this gives you and your family more time to enjoy. With flower beds surrounding the lawn, there will also be an abundance of wildlife that can flourish.

4. Can dogs pee on artificial grass?

Your pets can of course use it as they would on a real lawn as long as you clean up the mess and neutralise the area where they pee with a cleaning solution as this will stop any unpleasant odours.

5. Can you jet wash artificial grass?

We would not recommend jet washing artificial grass, a gentle hosing off every now and again but rain will wash it and regular brushing will of course keep it looking as new.

We hope that the above has answered any of your questions about artificial lawns or fake lawns if you will. If you have any further questions however, please do not hesitate to get in touch or feel free to request a quotation below.

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