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Artificial Lawns

We all dream of the perfect lawn, don’t we? A soft, lush green carpet that we lovingly tend to, cutting, removing weeds, watering and feeding…. But, if you live in an area with poor soil (Sevenoaks - we’re looking at you!), or that has a lot of trees, this isn’t easy. Throw children or pets into the mix, and having a pristine lawn - certainly one that you can treat with chemicals and fertilisers - is pretty much out of the question. 

Artificial lawns are the answer to a Perfect Lawn 

Lookreal Lawns have the perfect combination of a specialist eye, years of experience, and the best artificial grass products on the market, to simulate the look, feel and performance of natural grass - whatever the environment, soil, or weather conditions. 

In today’s fast-paced society, a low-maintenance option such as an artificial lawn can be a great time-saver - no more weekends cutting the grass or sprinkling seed - as well as being an environmentally-sound choice when it comes to saving water. 

We’ve put together the answers of some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions about our artificial lawns, installation and on-going maintenance

1. What Is The Best Artificial Grass For An Artificial Lawn?

At Lookreal Lawns we want your lawn to look...well… - real! 

We can help you to select an artificial grass that contains a mix of both brown and green fibres to give you the most natural look possible. We also believe your lawn should feel real, which is why our artificial lawns not only feel soft, but also have the ability to bounce back after being underfoot.

2. What Are The Disadvantages Of An Artificial Lawn?

It’s true that artificial grass will become warmer in the summer months than real grass - which may be something to consider if you have very young children or pets. Also, it’s essential that any pet urine is regularly washed away in order to prevent odour - something you don’t have to consider with real grass. 

Even with these things in mind, we still believe that the pros to having an artificial lawn far outweigh the cons, especially when you take into consideration the time and money saved on maintenance, and the fact that your garden will look good all year round!

3. How Long Does An Artificial Lawn Last?

With regular brushing and removal of debris,your artificial lawn can last way beyond its 10-12 year life expectancy. Look Real Lawns offer a maintenance service to ensure that your professionally-installed artificial lawn provides you and your family many hours of enjoyment for years to come. 

4. Is It Ok If My Dog Urinates On My Artificial Lawn?

Pets can utilise your artificial lawn the same as they can a real lawn. Cleaning up any mess and neutralising the area with a cleaning solution will prevent any unpleasant odours. 

5. Can I Jet wash My Artificial Lawn?

Look Real Lawns does not recommend you jet wash your artificial lawn, but a gentle hosing off now and again would be ok if you thought it was really necessary. 

The rain and regular brushing will keep your artificial lawn looking as good as new.

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