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Putting Green Services

Putting Green Installation Services

We have all been guilty of spending hours at the driving range hitting countless balls into the distance, this is great getting to the green in 2 but then going to pieces and taking 5 to putt. Many enthusiastic golfers over the years have built a home putting green to have their very own practice area. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these home putting greens are difficult to maintain unless you are fortunate enough to employ your own greenkeeper. Using our Turnberry artificial grass putting surface you can practice at home whenever you like.

Creating your very own artificial putting green at your home could not be made any easier. With over 25 years of experience in the golf and greenkeeping industry, we can assure you that your project is in safe hands.

We have put together answers to the 7 most commonly asked questions when it comes to putting green services, installation and maintenance.

Putting Green FAQ

1. What is putting green grass?

Putting green grass is a short close-knit artificial grass that simulates the texture and feel of a real golf green.

2. How much does it cost to install an artificial putting green UK?

In the UK costs for installing an artificial golf green vary but as a rule, a figure of approx £85 pm2 should be considered but this is dependent on design, location etc.

3. What is the best artificial grass for putting green?

We find the best artificial grass for a putting green is Polypropylene as this enables shots into the green as well as consistent putting speed.

4. What is the best artificial putting green??

The best artificial putting green is an installation that allows the player as many playing scenarios as possible... uphill, downhill, fringe shots, even bunker shots. Look real lawns can design all of these in your garden.

5. How do you install a fake putting green?

The process starts with an initial site meeting where we can discuss the client's needs and come up with a suitable design. Once approved we start by removing the existing vegetation from the area. We then lay a strong ground membrane over this area to prevent weed growth and improve stability. A stone layer of approx 150mm of MOT type 1 is then applied, this is where we shape the green. Once satisfied with this base we then site the holes and fix plastic inserts into base. The final layer of grano dust (fine type) is then screened over to produce a smooth flowing surface. Artificial grass is then fitted, holes cut and surface rolled ready to play. Cheap versions can of course be fitted by laying artificial grass on a flat area of your garden but please be aware unless installed by a professional this method is not recommended for longevity.

6. How long will fake grass last?

Artificial or fake grass can last well over the 10-12 year life span that manufacturers advise, like all products a good cleaning and maintenance schedule will keep your artificial grass looking like new.

7. How do you maintain a putting green?

Artificial putting green maintenance consists of regularly removing debris such as leaves or animal droppings with either a blower or brush. Checking around the edges for weeds will also help. You may well be asking How much does it cost to maintain a putting green? Well Look real lawns offer a twice a year visit to deep clean the surface and roll the green to ensure your game continues to improve. Look real lawns charge on an m2 basis but generally 2 visits a year will be approx £400.

  • Landscaping to compliment your green, such as water features, paths and planting schemes.
  • Bunkers to make your practice time more challenging.
  • Undulations, contours, flat and two – tiered greens.
  • 3,6,9 hole golf academies designed and built.

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